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ThemesCorp is pleased to introduce our latest style: Razor Blade !

Razor Blade is a very dark style but with great depth effects!

It's ideal for a games or guild forums ;)
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Themes Corp. is pleased to introduce our new add-on: Project Manager!

This add-on allows you to create a project manager!

You can create an unlimited number of projects, categories and tasks.
We add permissions when creating a category, in order to achieve such private projects.
You can edit, delete, edit status and priorities
More ...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or problems with ThemesCorp's Products, See our F.A.Q.. We answer frequently asked questions.

#1 - How do I install a style?

  • After downloading the zip file to your customer area, unzip it. You will get this:

  • Upload folders and files contained in folders "js", "library" and "styles" in the same folders on your ftp.
  • Log in to your AdminCP, click on "Appearence" tab and after on "Styles".
  • Click on "Import Style" button to the top right, select the .xml (in "Install First (Install as Style)" folder) at the root of the folder you have downloaded to your customer area, and click on "Import" button.
  • Enjoy! Your style is being installed!
  • Now, you must install Add-ons, go to "Home" tab, then "Install Add-on", select the add-ons in "Install Second (Install as Add-on)" folder (There are 2 or 3 depending on the style used)
    • addon-tc_bgchooser.xml (To select backgrounds)
    • addon-tc_last_posts_avatars.xml (To display avatar in Forum list and Thread list)
    • addon-tc_slider_with_style.xml (Add permission for Slider)
  • Set the User Permissions.
  • Finished!

#2 - Will I lose my changes if I update my style?

  • Yes, If you don't make your changes to a child style, you will lose your changes.
  • From the moment you want to make template changes, create a child style of your current style and make your changes to that child style, the update will only affect the parent style.

#3 - How to update my style without losing my changes?

  • Before you start, make a backup of style before any update!
  • To update, import the style by crushing the style that you currently have but you lose the changes you made to your style. I suggest you create a child style from your current style and then update the parent style.
  • This way, you can update the parent style and keep your changes made on the child style.
  • Normally, a merge option is possible when having updated the style to retrieve your template modification.

#4 - I bought my product, but I can't download it, why ?

  • After purchase, you must activate your license.
  • Go to the Shop and click on "Your Licenses" in the sidebar:

  • Click on "Your Inactive Licenses" tab, and after on "Activate" button.

  • All you have to do is fill in "License Alias", and "License URL".

  • Click on the "Update License" button, and you will see a new button appear "Download" to download your product:

#5 - After installing the style, I don't see the slider, why?

  • Make sure that you have installed the add-on named: addon-tc_slider_with_style.xml
    • It located in the "Install Second (Install as Add-on)" folder.
    • This is an add-on, you must install it as an addon, it allows to add the permissions that handles the slider.

  • After installing add-on, Go to the Usergroup Permissions to set the Slider permission:

  • After this, you should see the Slider appear!

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